Nanko uDikela enisikelela…

Artist Profile
Mavo Solomon

Birth place and music roots

Mavo Solomon was born May 15, 1975, in a small town called Queenstown in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. His father, Zamile Solomon, is a self-taught guitar player, who in 1991 passed his talents on to Mavo Solomon at the age of 16.

Formal Education

Mavo obtained a BSc in 1995 with mathematics and physics majors from Vista University in Port Elizabeth, where his parents and siblings now reside. After which in 2000 he completed a BSc Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Cape Town (UCT), and lastly followed by the completion in 2002 of a Master of Science degree in Engineering, with a focus on Energy Planning also at UCT.

Music Journey and Arrival

In 2006, Mavo met Zwai Bala, of TKZee fame in Sandton and convinced him that he was a unique songwriter and a musical relationship ensued, where a rough demo of Mavo’s unfinished songs was recorded by Zwai at the CHiSSA studios. To his blessing the next person on the list was Hugh Masekela who, when he got the demo, handed it over to Erik Paliani – a talented young producer. Erik rejected the idea of Mavo Solomon being just a songwriter and insisted on transforming Mavo Solomon into a performer. They started production on iSiGiDiMi in December 2006. Apart from Mavo and Erik, the album is peppered with the presence of many a good musician, including the industry’s most well-known Hugh Masekela on flugelhorn, Khaya Mahlangu on Saxophone/flute, Tlale Makhene on percussions and Putuma Tiso on backing vocals to mention a few.

Mavo and Erik started their own record label, which would seek to hold all of Mavo’s projects, and outsource some production work for other artists and projects. The label was aptly named MAVERIK Sounds, of which Mavo and Erik are full-time directors. The first album from Maverik Sounds is the Mavo Solomon debut, iSiGiDiMi (which when translated literally means ‘important message’) and, contains only original compositions by Mavo and Erik. From mechanical engineer to energy specialist to musician, Mavo is a hard worker and composes mainly from the heart, and intellect of mind.
Musical content of iSiGiDiMi and Sales
iSiGiDiMi contains 10 stories of love, childhood innocence, family and politics. The album and record label were launched on May 30, 2008 at the Dance Factory in Newtown.
The albums is also available online from sites such as and online stores like iTunes. Mavo represents a new breed of local industry musicians who want to take their future/destiny into their own hands. He also continues to write for other local artists.

The first release from the album, ‘Mamelani’, hit no.1 on the Kaya FM Jazz Top 10 and remained no.1 for at least 6 weeks. The song has been made part of an international compilation by SAMEX, on world music . The song has also made it on a couple of international compilations of African music. (

Live Music Performances

Mavo Solomon has performed on stage with artists like Zamajobe, and has done his own shows across South Africa.

Social Media
Twitter: @mavosolomon

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Yours in art


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