Be blown away by Claude Gawe…

Who is Claude Gawe?

One of Eastern Cape’s legendary finest musicians who have a colorful love for jazz fused with the Eastern Cape sounds and echoes that everyone loves. He offers exclusive jazz music using a saxophone, piano and flute. His career and love of music was influenced by the likes of the prominent Eastern Cape jazz musicians namely Tete Mbambisa and Pat Matshikiza.

History and overview of his music career.

Claude’s music career started in 1979 in the dusty streets of Zwelitsha Township near King Williams Town. His first instrument was a melodica. It is from this point where his expertise in music grew to playing a piano, flute and the saxophone. In the early 1980s he has recorded with Aubrey Simani at SABC which was then called Radio Xhosa. His experience in music was further refined by further completing studies for a Diploma in Music Performance at the University of Natal in 1998. He has always offered exclusive legendary talent to lovers of jazz music not only in Eastern Cape but throughout the country and abroad.

Tours, Performances and Collaborations.

Throughout his talent in music, “Bra Claude” as he is commonly called has made numerous performances where he toured Netherlands, Belgium, Egypt. Featuring in his saxophone, piano or flute he has performed with local legends namely, Vusi Mahlasela, Mzwakhe Mbuli, the Ngcukana Brothers and recorded with McCoy Mrubata and currently producing the Slo Foot Jazz Band. With his flute Claude recently performed with the musical maestro, Dimpie Tshabalala on piano. In addition to numerous performances he made for his beloved locality of the Eastern Cape Province, Claude Gawe has performed amongst many others, on following highlighted events:
Wild Coast Cultural Festival, 29-31 October 1999.
Africa Day in Senegal leading the Komani Jazz Ensemble, 25 May 2015.
Claude Gawe Live Performance at Legends Showcase Venue, East London, 25 September 2015.
Continuous Jazz performances every Sunday at Mdantsane Sun, Mdantsane.
Carnival Lights in East London – December 2012, 2013, 2014 and upcoming 2015 events.


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