ManyLaughs, Bringing Comedy To the People


Just a quick heads up on a young comedian from Port Elizabeth making major moves in the comedy space.

His name is Mbulelo Msongelwa aka ManyLaughs and he is crazy talented!

Since his first moment on stage in 2008, ManyLaughs has featured in a number of comedy shows, including twice being invited to the 99% Xhosa comedy how.

He’s currently touring the Eastern Cape with a group of our best and brightest comedic talents.

For more info on this young comedic talent, check out his profile here: Many Laughs MC Profile

Strumming your pain with his fingers…


Lulama Gaulana at Buffalo City Comes Alive

The following is a profile for jazz musician Lulama Gaulana that was written in 2014. It has been used for flyers and festival programs.


They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps. When one sees the enviable list of exceptional musicians with whom Lulama Gaulana has shared the stage over the years, one knows this dexterous bassist, guitarist and composer is not only a musical raconteur, but an inspirational luminary too. From Hugh Masekela, Judith Sephuma, Gloria Bosman and Jimmy Dludlu to the late Mr. C. Ngukana, father of the Ngukana brothers to Pinese Saul, Feya Faku and Marcus Wyatt… When you see him play live you’ll appreciate why his name is among the greats.

But names alone don’t truly reveal the respect he holds within the industry. The presence he exudes on stage continues out into the streets of his community, where he tirelessly volunteers time to teaching, inspiring and encouraging youngsters to follow his footsteps into the seductively gratifying world of jazz. He has unearthed and moulded many talented young musicians; some of who have gone on to study music at places like UKZN or are members of their own local bands.

Born to musical parents in the Eastern Cape, music flowed in his blood from his early youth. His vitality continues to enthrall audiences both internationally, from Saudi Arabia to the Netherlands and locally at venues all over South Africa. His presence in the jazz world like a quiet bass riff at the start of a soulful refrain: deep seated, electrifying and undeniably essential. Watch him mesmerise an audience. Book him for your stagc and experience the true soul of jazz today.