Bra Laga warming up East London…

Be sure to catch Lulama Gawulana and his amazing band TOMORROW, as they dish out sizzling hot embers to warm East London’s cold front.18/08/2017

UFH E.L Campus/Miriam Makeba Center

Lecture room 3




Sisanda, artist of the future…

Sisanda Andile Buthelezi

Born and bred in Pietermaritzburg, Sisanda is by far the leading artist of the last 90s generation, emerging under the influence of Jody Olën.
Sisanda is only seventeen (17) years of age of which she has only been painting for two (2) yet her incredible determination, relentless passion and deep-rooted ambition to strive in the World of The Arts serve as proof of this proficient young lady’s phenomenal talent.

Sisanda discovered her creative abilities at the ripe age of twelve (12) when her mother took one of her designed sketches and brought it to life – to his day, she still gets people asking her where she bought that two-piece.
This, however, encouraged Sisanda to continue drawing and thereafter went on to experimenting with various drawing techniques, adding other valuable skills and ideas as the years progressed.

Sisanda Highlights the past 3 years as having a major influence on her as a creator. In the year 2015, she dared herself and took Visual Art as one of her 7 subjects under the instruction of Jody Olën who opened even more doors for her as she introduced her to other forms of art such as etching, printmaking, pen and ink drawing, painting and sculpture. Sisanda used this opportunity the best way she could and later that year was awarded The Best Junior Visual Art trophy by The High School For Girls Potchefstroom.
It was also at this moment where her  true self began to emerge as she found herself more comfortable telling her story.

In 2016, Sisanda was advised and encouraged by Jody Olën yet again to make an attempt at painting. The Study of sir Peter Paul Rubens’ ‘Tronie’ was her *first* ever attempt at painting and the final masterpiece absolutely blew everyone away. She then went on to paint Kit Harrington AKA Jon Snow, inspired by Ygritte’s famous line “You Know Nothing Jon Snow” And titled it “How Much Do You Really Know?” – at this point she had grown an interest in understanding and expressing the social issues of South Africa – “this was the birth of ‘Sisanda The Rebel’ ” said Nombuso Ncanana, her best friend.

Sisanda was invited to audition at The National School of The Arts but to her dismay, her then conservative mother  who blatantly refused as she believed Art to be a hobby and not a profession – hence, that door was shut, right in her face.
She also featured in a competition hosted at the Potchefstroom Art Museum and was invited to showcase at the Mecca Exhibit after one of her Instagram followers fell in love with her work.
Although she was unable to showcase her work at the Mecca Exhibit due to the final grade 11 Exam she had to write that very same day – Sisanda only perceived these unfortunate events as encouragement and motivation to prove herself as a competent artist to those that had yet to believe in her dream.
In October, she received a Laptop Prize for having the highest Visual Art aggregate of 92% from The Bezuidenhout family.

“2017 has been rather fruitful and amazing for me. Being a 17 year old whose work is highly inspired by the injustices and prejudices of our society – I’ve created works that I once thought were impossible to bring to life and  watched them inspire those around me. Also, I’ve grown as an artist and i must say, ever since I started taking my art more seriously, the art industry has started noticing me and taking my work just as seriously. I’ve definitely been doing the impossible and I will continue to push my boundaries for I feel and know that bigger things are coming. God is at work and I’m only going up from here”

This year, “I Am Not The Condition, Don’t Call Me Albino” featured in the BoldBrush Painting Competition where her work stood out as the most popular entry with 106 votes. She also showcased at the July Social Market where she was able to network, make some sales and even had the privileged of being invited to showcase yet again by Maitele Wawe – The Founder and King Of Social Market.

Sisanda has managed to generate an income off of commissions and sales through her art pages on the popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. She was recently commissioned to draw the Chateaux De La’ Cruzette in France and has since collaborated with a fellow upcoming artist, Nicky Pienaar. Not only is she a visual artist but also a certified photographer and signed MSA Model – her presence cannot be ignored.

My aspirations:

 ” I hear London calling my name – like a lover in despair.
London, I’m coming baby!

•Bacardi No Commission, I’m coming home.
•The Louvre – My art will live on on those walls
•I’m only headed to the top – My Art Will Save Lives. And you will witness these prophecies.
•I have yet to claim a number of titles, visit a whole lot of countries, feed millions of people, live life to its fullest and beyond – I live according to Jeremiah 29 : 11  and Philippians 4:13 

Instagram : @sisanda_art / @sanjona_
Facebook : sisandabuthelezi01 (Sisanda Art)
Gmail :

Yours in art


We’re back…

Greetings all

We at SickArts duly apologise for the long absence, life threw in one of its twists into the mix. Worry not though it was a lovely one this time around…

We shall continue to bring you more on our local talent and where you can see them perform. We hope you will grow with us as we journey on with our artists’growth in their crafts.

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